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Titanium Ti64ELI

Product information

Due to excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and a high degree of purity, the light metal alloy EOS Titanium Ti64ELI is suitable for demanding industrial applications. On an EOSINT M 280 metal system, the material can be used specifically for applications with high detail resolution. It is biocompatible and has a low specific weight. In terms of chemical composition and technical properties, EOS Titanium Ti64ELI meets the requirements of the ASTM F 136 norm.




  • excellent corrosion resistance

  • potential biocompatibility

  • low specific weight

  • meets the requirements of the ASTM F136 norm


  • Aerospace

  • Motor racing

  • Medical, e.g. biomedical applications (where applicable, requirements regarding validation and legal regulations need to be observed, e.g. for commercial use as a medical device in most countries)

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