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Nickel (alliage) HX

Product information

EOS NickelAlloy HX is a heat and corrosion resistant metal alloy powder intended for processingon EOSINT M 280 systems. It is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy in fine powder form. Its composition corresponds to UNS N06002. This type of alloy is characterized by having high strength and oxidation resistance also at elevated temperatures, and is often used up to 1200 °C. Its applications can be found in aerospace technology, e.g. gas turbine parts. Standard laser processing parameters results in full melting across the entire geometry, typically with 20 μm layer thickness. Parts built from EOS NickelAlloy HX can be heat treated and material properties can be varied within a specified range. In both states – as-built and solution heat treated – the parts can be machined, spark-eroded, welded, micro shot-peened, polished, and coated if required. Unexposed powder can be reused.


  • heat and corrosion resistant

  • strength and oxidation resistance

  • subsequent heat treatment and machining possible


  • Functional prototypes

  • Rapid Repair

  • Rapid Manufacturing

  • Aerospace

  • Industry (components with severe thermal conditions and high risk of oxidation, e.g. combustion chambers, burner components, fans, roller hearths and support members in industrial furnaces)

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