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CastForm PS Plastic


  • Functions like foundry wax and is “foundry friendly”

  • Low residual ash content (less than 0.02%)

  • Short burnout cycle

  • Easy-to-process plastic

  • Good plastic powder recycle characteristics


  • Create complex patterns without welds or joints

  • Reduce lead times resulting in faster time-to market

  • Compatible with autoclaves, low-temperature furnaces, and vacuum plaster casting methods

  • Easy to assemble and repair patterns

  • Rapidly test new designs in iterative process


  • Create patterns directly rather than through indirect methods

  • Complex investment casting patterns

    • Reactive metals like titanium

    • Low melt-temperature metals such as aluminum, magnesium and zinc

    • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

  • Economic, low-volume production castings without tooling

  • Smaller parts can be joined to create very large patterns

  • Sacrificial, expendable patterns

3D Printers that use this material:

  • sPro™ 140

  • sPro™ 230

  • sPro™ 60 HD

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