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DuraForm PA Plastic


  • Excellent surface resolution and feature detail

  • Easy-to-process

  • Compliant with USP Class VI testing

  • Compatible with autoclave sterilization

  • Good chemical resistance and low moisture absorption


  • Nicely balanced mechanical properties and processability

  • Build prototypes that withstand functional testing

  • Produce durable end-use parts without tooling

  • Create accurate and repeatable parts as demanded by manufacturers

  • Machinable and paintable for demonstration parts


  • Complex, thin-wall ductwork

  • Functional prototypes that approach end-use performance properties

  • Appropriate for low- to mid-volume rapid manufacturing

  • Medical applications requiring USP Class VI compliance, or biocompatibility

    • Motorsports

    • Aerospace

  • Housings and enclosures

  • Impellers and connectors

  • Consumer sporting goods

  • Vehicle dashboards and grilles

  • Snap-fit designs

3D Printers that use this material:

  • sPro™ 140

  • sPro™ 230

  • sPro™ 60 HD

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