Accura Xtreme


  • Look and feel of a durable molded plastic

  • Outstanding durability and impact resistance

  • Thermal Resistance over 60° C

  • Easy to use low viscosity formulation

  • Fully developed and tested build styles


  • Increased application opportunities

  • Suitable for assemblies and functional testing

  • Prototypes withstand modest temperatures without distortion

  • Faster recoating and build times

  • Maximize reliability with no user R&D


  • Form, fit and function prototypes

    • Durable Assemblies

    • Snap fit assemblies

    • Tough enclosures

  • Consumer electronic components

  • Master patterns for RTV/Silicone molding

  • Replace CNC machining of Polypropylene and ABS

3D Printers that use this material:

  • iPro™ 8000

  • ProX™ 950

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