Accura 55


  • Durable and rigid material

  • Look and feel of molded ABS

  • High accuracy with less distortion

  • High production speed

  • Low viscosity formulation

  • Fully developed and tested build styles


  • Produce ABS-like parts without molding or machining

  • Increase market opportunities and acceptance for models

  • Parts produced within tolerance and faithful to CAD data

  • Increase system throughput

  • Minimize part cleaning and finishing labor

  • Maximize reliability with no user R&D


  • Automotive interior components

  • Short-run production parts

  • Electronic components

  • Testing of functional assemblies

  • Rigid and durable functional prototypes

  • Concept and marketing models

  • Accurate, durable master patterns for urethane casting

3D Printers that use this material:

  • iPro™ 8000

  • ProX™ 950

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